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Rana Beyaz

Education: Low-Heywood Thomas School (USA)1981; B.Sc. degree in Architectural Engineering ITU, 1987; MBA degree in Business Administration Marmara University,1989

Experience: Rana Beyaz has worked for THY, Garanti Bank and Arab Turkish bank for 16 years with ascending responsibilities and titles by means of Capital Markets, Treasury and Corporate Banking experiences. Since 2004, she has concentrated on training and consulting, during which, started focusing on MBTI®-Myers Briggs Type Indicator that world?s most widely used assessment tool. Completing the intense certification programs in 2005, she is one the few MBTI®Step I, recently the only MMTIC and MBTI® Step II certified consultant in Turkey. She takes active parts in management appraisal projects and provides training and consultancy services to executives and corporations with:
  • Effective communication and negotiation skills
  • Effective team management and leadership
  • Stress and conflict management
  • Career and personal development areas

Adress: Dogu Is Merkezi Kat: 10 Hakki Yeten Caddesi No: 15 Fulya , Besiktas Istanbul, Turkey.
Türkiye Ýþ Kurumun’un denetiminde 11.11.2010 tarihli 433 No’lu lisans sahibi özel istihdam bürosudur. Ýþ arayanlardan hiçbir ad altýnda menfaat temin edilmez ve ücret alýnmaz.